The Toss of a Coin: Voices from a Modern Crisis (pdf)


The Toss of a Coin: Voices from a Modern Crisis
by Rory O’Keeffe

Ghaddafi’s Libya was home to a huge number of refugees. People who had escaped war, terror, repression, starvation and disease in their homelands flocked to the state to set up home (as Ghaddafi had invited them to do) or to use Libya as a stopping point on the way to refuge in the EU.

When Civil War broke out in Libya, those people were once again forced to flee.

In the Toss of a Coin members of this diaspora, tell their own stories, in their own words: what they suffered at home; what they risked to reach Libya; their struggle to survive in the Green Book state, and their second escape when war and terror broke out around them again.

Their voices are joined by those of Libyans, around whom war raged: those who fought as well as those forced from their homes, their wartime experiences, and their attempts to rebuild their lives, their homes and their nation. It also details what came next – the collapse of a state attempting to rise towards a brighter future, despite the efforts of its people to support it, and the contrast between its experience and that of Tunisia, the starting point of the Arab Spring and, to date, its sole success.

It is a story of victimisation, fear, murder and crime against humanity which is still taking place. It is also a story of hope, of talent, of triumph and of humanity.

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